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Robust Coaching

After four decades of full-time ministry, Paul Fleischmann is a valuable resource for building unity in the body of Christ, multiplying and sharpening workers, helping with succession planning and other executive leadership needs. Consider how you can become “Better Together” with Paul’s help in these areas:


It has been said, “What makes the difference is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.” Paul has led an organization for 30 years that has networked over 100 diverse national and denominational ministries, established 800 local chapters and has been associated with international youth ministry on every continent. He has many connections that can help you:

  • Spread the word about your ministry or project.

  • Gather diverse “focus groups” to test your ideas or brainstorm for innovation.


Paul has worked in big organizations and small. He lived and worked with kids in the northwest, southeast and southwest. He’s planned and executed meetings for a few and meetings for thousands. He’s helped start and lead an organization through many levels of growth – raising funds, recruiting volunteers and working with limited resources. He can help you in the areas of collaboration, teamwork and unity, but also in other areas of his experience: 

  • Succession Planning 

  • Executive Leadership 

  • Nurturing Staff 

  • Youth Ministry Transitions 

  • Fund Development 

  • Strategic Planning and Objectives

Coming Alongside

Depending on my time and your need, I am willing to consider assisting you in one of several areas:

  • Project Management 

  • Grant Writing 

  • Event Planning 

  • Youth Ministry Assessment 

  • Writing and Editing

If you are interested in engaging Paul Fleischmann in any of these areas, use the contact information below. We will be glad to discuss the possibilities, costs and timing.

“Paul Fleischmann is a well-respected and outstanding leader. He is incredibly well- connected and an outstanding consultant with great wisdom. I highly recommend Paul for his insight and integrity.” 
  – Jim Burns

      President, HomeWord

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